Company information


As a key part of ASF’s business model, the Company identifies early investment opportunities which are of interest to our Chinese partners. These business relationships are at the root of ASF’s purpose.

Below are a number of key business relationships which ASF has created and developed include:

  1. China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) – CSCEC is a state-owned enterprise with construction and real estate as its core business.
  2. China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC) – CCCC is one of the largest port construction and design companies in the world. Listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, its core business is dredging and land reclamation having completed 100+ major ports, harbours and land/seabed reclamation projects.
  3. China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC) – CHEC is a world-renowned international contractor that is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Ltd (CCCC). CHEC has 50 overseas branches and offices with business activities covering more than 80 countries and areas. CHEC has over 8,000 domestic and international employees to undertake 10 billion USD worth of projects.
  4. China International Marine Containers Group Limited (CIMC) – CIMC is a world leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment. Dedicated to supplying high-quality and reliable equipment and services, including containers, vehicles, energy, chemical and food equipment, offshore, logistics services, airport facilities, etc.
  5. China Coal Geology Engineering Corporation (CCGEC) – China Coal Geology is a Chinese state owned business with assets of RMB800 million which is engaged in coal, metals and minerals development and investment.
  6. China Huaneng Group – China Huaneng is one of China’s five largest power conglomerates.
  7. China Real Estate Association (CREA) – CREA is a China-wide non-profit professional real estate organisation with over 2,100 members including businesses and institutions engaged in real estate development and operations, market transactions, brokerage, construction and property management; as well as local real estate associations and relevant individuals.
  8. Heilongjiang Geological Institute – Heilongjiang is a comprehensive survey and research institute.

Company Structure


Min Yang

Executive Chairman
Board of DIrectors & Executive Team

Ms. Yang has extensive business connections in the Asia Pacific region including greater China, and has over 20 years of hands-on experience dealing with both private and state-run businesses in China. Over the years, Min Yang has proven her unique business insight and expertise in the identification, incubation and realisation of embryonic opportunities in the resources, commodities, trading and residential estate and financial investment sectors.

Nga Fong (Alex) Lao

Vice Chairman & Non-Executive Director
Board of Directors

Mr Lao is the managing director of ASF Macau Multinational Holdings Limited and is in charge of the operations of Multinational Youth Travel Agency Limited. Mr Lao resides in Macau where he has business interests in property, travel and retail industries and is Chairman of the Macau Travel Agency Association.

Wai Sang Ho

Non-Executive Director
Board of Directors

Mr Ho is a Hong Kong resident and a large property developer in Southern China. He has substantial property interests in Hong Kong and China.

Quan (David) Fang

Board of DIrectors & Executive Team

Mr Fang was born in Shanghai. He is multilingual, speaking Mandarin, Shanghai dialect, Cantonese and English. Mr Fang has extensive experience in the property sector covering property sales/marketing development, acquisition, and syndication.

Geoff Baker

Non-Executive Director
Board of Directors

Mr Baker is a qualified lawyer in Australia and Hong Kong with a Commerce degree (Accounting and Financial Management), a Law degree and Master of business administration (MBA). He assists in the international operations of the Group. Geoff joined the Group after practising extensively for 30 years as a lawyer in Australia, Japan, Asia and China.

Louis Chien

Board of Directors & Executive Team

Mr Chien holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and two bachelor degrees in Architecture. With over 20 years of experience working in Fortune 100 companies mostly based in the United States and recently Singapore, Mr Chien has managed companies across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. He is principally responsible for the management of investments, development, financial, and operational activities.

Chi Yuen (William) Kuan

Board of Directors & Executive Team

Mr Kuan holds a Master Degree in International Accounting. He is a Fellow of CPA Australia and a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) in the UK. William joined the Group as the Company Secretary in February 2010 and has been responsible for all aspects of financial and corporate matters of the Group. He has extensive experience in accounting, corporate finance and company secretarial areas.

Nicholas Williams

Director of Resources
Executive Team

Mr Williams has more than 10 years project management experience in the resources sector, predominately coal focused. Nick has been involved in all facets of the exploration process, from investor and government liaison to tenement management and project development. He has been involved with the successful development and operations of numerous exploration sites, managing commercial and financial activities at both a corporate and project level, as well as directing programs on-site.