ASF Capital Pty Limited facilitates ASF Group’s core strategy of participating in the two way capital flows between Australia and China. ASF Capital assists Australian companies to access capital from China, and also provides advisory services to selected Chinese businesses on matters such as public listing and investment opportunities in Australia

ASF Capital holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and operates as the investment banking arm of ASF Group Limited.

ASF Capital applied for a modification to its Australian Financial Service Licence (“AFSL”) and was granted a substantially expanded AFSL on 7 May 2013. Now ASF Capital can undertake a wide range of activities within the Funds Management market sector.

The AFSL permits ASF Capital to:

*  Provide financial product advice in stated sectors
*  Dealing authorisations
*  Securities (issue and apply for)
*  Derivatives (issue and apply for)
*  Foreign exchange contracts (issue and apply for) with regard to its own funds
*  Government debentures, stocks or bonds (apply for)
*  Custodial or depository services

In 2013, ASF Capital formed an investment fund known as The ASF Capital Investment Fund which is designed to provide Chinese entrepreneurs and other high net worth individuals participation in the recently introduced Significant Investor Visa (SIV) programme announced by the Australian Government. The Fund will seek to make direct and indirect investments in infrastructure and real estate in Australia and in other assets permitted under the Significant Investor Visa programme.

ASF Capital also formed a Venture Fund in which it will seek to make invest into Australian and overseas innovative technologies.

ASF Capital is also involved in Funds Management through its role in marketing selective international and domestic Funds to the Australian investor markets

For further information on ASF Capital and the domestic Fund Managers (Cadence Asset Management, LaTrobe Financial Services Group and Mutual Limited) please click on the links below.


ASF Capital undertakes activities as a boutique investment banking firm specialising in M&A and corporate advisory services to selective clients and also with the distribution of selected offshore and onshore Funds to the wholesale investor market in Australia, including superannuation funds, industry funds, family offices, and charitable trusts.

ASF Capital is selective in the Fund Managers it partners with, based on current investor market conditions and attributes of the Manager

Cadence Capital Fund

Cadence Capital is an Australian long short manager which combines fundamental research and technical trading to create above market returns. Their mandate is designed to generate excess returns in all market conditions. ASF Capital is appointed to assist in raising mandates from wholesale investors.

LaTrobe Financial Services Pty Ltd

LaTrobe Financial Services Group (“La Trobe Group”) is a Melbourne based specialist Fund Manager and a leading Australian non-bank provider of mortgage investment management services. LaTrobe Group provides financial solutions to borrowers, investors and other mortgage operators. ASF Capital is engaged to assist La Trobe to secure Australian institutional mandates within the fixed income asset class.

Mutual Limited

ASF Capital has been appointed to assist the company tap institutional and retails monies for the Mutual Ltd Cash and Term Deposit Fund. Mutual’s primary objective is to source and actively manage a portfolio of the best Term Deposits on offer by the Major Australian Banks with small Cash and Bank Bill holdings to provide Fund liquidity. Mutual will also seek to enhance the Fund’s core yield from the Major Australian Banks by selectively investing in Other Australian Banks and ADIs that qualify for the Commonwealth Government ADI Guarantee.

For further information please contact:

Robert West

General Manager

(02) 9251 9088