Albert Island

The London City Innovation Trade Hub on Albert Island, is a 10 ha site located in the Royal Docks, London Borough of Newham. This is one of the last remaining sites to be proposed for development in the Royal Docks area and a strategic priority for the Mayor of London.

The Group’s vision was to build the Royal Eastern Gateway into a trade, cultural and marine hub to blend Eastern and Western trade and cultural links. It would have been a place to showcase recognized Chinese products to UK and European buyers and operate as a European hub for Sino-UK business to design, develop, distribute and wholesale manufactured goods on a Business-to-Business basis.

ASF’s ambitious and unique urban regeneration proposal was to cost approximately £900 million to develop over 200,000m2 of built form.  The central focus was the commercial hub which was complemented by a commercial boatyard and marina, a brewery, a hotel and serviced apartment, and industrial buildings. This innovative model provided opportunities for top tier Far East and Australasian companies to establish themselves in the UK and European markets as it located all of the elements of the manufacturing process in one place with great transport links which would provide manufacturers and wholesalers a competitive edge.

ASF’s business model capitalised on its Asian business experience with Asia’s history of inter-national trade at the Royal Docks to deliver the next generation of business interaction in a landmark location, benefiting world markets whilst reinvigorating the last piece of the Royals.

ASF was in the final round for the tender, but finished second best. However, ASF’s vision for this project is an excellent example of their ambition to power business between East and West through ambitious and unique developments.

London, England, United Kingdom
Property Type
Commercial, industrial development
Project Information
10 ha