Castle Green

With an estimated construction cost of more than $9 billion (£5 billion), the Castle Green Project is one of the most important infrastructure and urban regeneration projects underway in London. Castle Green seeks to address existing housing affordability issues and infrastructure gaps facing the world’s most sought after city.

The project involves rerouting part of the A13 road to provide a grade-separation and to redevelop the surrounding land to accommodate over 16,000 new homes and over 370,000m² of commercial, retail, industrial, schooling, and community buildings.

ASF Group and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD) are currently working together on the development and designing of the scheme. ASF has assembled an international Consortium including a collection of experienced Chinese conglomerates and local partners to deliver the Castle Green Project, in partnership with the LBBD.

East London, England, United Kingdom
Property Type
Major Urban Renewal Project
Project Information
10,000 residences, 1,600,000 commercial buildings on 56 ha