Led by a team of international investment experts, ASF is able to tap into opportunities that deliver the best outcomes for investors. We derive our strength from promoting transnational real asset investment and technological transfers.

Investment Incubator
ASF has a proven track record of raising capital from its strong network of resource, property, trading and strategic investment partners (sophisticated investors and SOEs).

Diversified investment process

early investment opportunities
with select partners
Apply expertise
to create shareholder value
Industries & Cultures Aligned
ASF has always been the driving force between industries and cultures aligning. Over the 40 years in which the ASF Group has operated in the global market, it has created significant growth in every venture pursued – whether it be in property, resources or technology.
The key to ASF’s success is oru sophisticated knowledge of cultural, business and market drivers, as well as an established, strong network of individuals and businesses. By aligning these forces through our expertise, we can create extraordinary value for our shareholders.

Min Yang

Min Yang is the Chairman and Founder of ASF Group Limited. She has extensive business connections and has over 30 years of hands-on experience dealing with private and state-owned enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the years, Ms Yang has proven her unique business insight and expertise in the identification, incubation and realisation of real asset investment opportunities. Under Ms Yang’s leadership, ASF continues to actively spearhead strategic investment between Australia and the world.

David Fang
Executive Director

David Fang is the Executive Director of ASF Group Limited. With over 30 years of extensive experience in the property sales and property development sectors in Australia, he has played a leading role in the acquisition, marketing and development of multiple ASF Group projects. His accomplishments have ranged from driving the delivery of high-end residential developments to large-scale urban renewal projects. Mr Fang continues to advance the Company through the realisation of property development projects and the acquisition of new projects to generate further value.

Alex Lao
Non-Executive Deputy Chairman & Director

Alex Lao is the Non-Executive Deputy Chairman and a Non-Executive Director of ASF Group Limited. Mr Lao is also the Managing Director of ASF Macau Multinational Holdings Limited and is in charge of the operations of Multinational Youth Travel Agency Limited. Mr Lao resides in Macau, where he has extensive business interests in property, travel and retail industries.

Geoff Baker

Geoff Baker is a Director of ASF Group Limited. Mr Baker is a qualified lawyer in Australia and Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Financial Management), Bachelor of Law and a Master of Business Administration. He assists in the international operations of the Group. Mr Baker joined the Group after practising extensively for 30 years as a lawyer in Australia, Japan, across Asia and in China.

Louis Chien

Louis Chien is a Director of ASF Group Limited. Mr Chien holds a Master of Business Administration and two bachelor degrees in Architecture. With over 20 years of experience working in Fortune 100 companies mostly based in the United States and recently Singapore, Mr. Chien has managed companies across the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. He is principally responsible for the management of investments, development, financial, and operational activities.

William Kuan

William Kuan is a Director of ASF Group Limited. Mr Kuan holds a Master’s Degree in International Accounting. He is a Fellow of CPA Australia and a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) in the United Kingdom. Mr Kuan joined the Group as the Company Secretary in February 2010 and has been responsible for all aspects of financial and corporate matters of the Group. He has extensive experience in accounting, corporate finance and company secretarial areas.

Waisang Ho
Non-Executive Director

Waisang Ho is a Non-Executive Director of ASF Group Limited. Mr Ho is a large property developer in Southern China and has substantial property interests in the region.

  “A growth-mindset culture allows the ASF team to identify more opportunities and go further to create greater value for our partners, investors, and shareholders.”

David FangExecutive Director