ASF Capital’s goal is to work with entities from across the world to expand their investment activities in Australia, using ASF as a fund management platform.

Where passion meets potential
ASF’s team of financial experts work passionately to deliver a superior return on investment, with a keen eye for early stage investment opportunities.
Since May 2013, ASF Capital has been assessing a number of investment structuring opportunities both in Australia and China, driven by their core strategy of powering business between East and West.

Investment strategy

Principally, ASF Capital investigates direct and indirect investments opportunities in Australia. Together with the establishment of general investment vehicles, provides opportunities for both local and international investors.
Tourism Infrastructure
Property Development
Where ingenuity meets innovation
Recently, ASF Capital also formed a Venture Fund in which it will seek to invest into Australian and overseas innovative technologies.
This decision sits naturally with ASF’s habit of turning potential into progress. Sitting at the forefront of innovation, even before it is recognised, is a key element in ASF Capital’s strategy and how they continue to power business between East and West.
ASF Capital holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No 245578).

“ASF Capital works with the Group, its clients and partners to identify the best corporate structural opportunity to facilitate both social and financial results. As an entity within the Group, ASF Capital is able to bring a unique perspective to the project opportunity whether it be in the resources sector, property or agricultural sectors and always with an over laying social criteria. The social aspect of the corporate goals cannot be over stated and is a paramount objective. However, a fair and reasonable financial return is still a corporate KPI.”

Louis ChienGeneral Manager at ASF Capital