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SYTECH Engines
SYTECH Powertrain Technologies Co., Ltd is dedicated to the development of New Energy technologies. SYTECH with the support of FEV Germany has developed an innovate family of Internal Combustion Engines that are capable of operating on Gasoline, LPG, CNG and Hydrogen. The engine is a modular design covering different engine displacements and power from 30kW to 250kW.
The SYTECH engine technology has been designed and developed by Australian engineers with the support of FEV Germany as the engine heads towards commercialization. Production of the first 4- cylinder 1.5L turbocharged engine for use in Range Extended Electric Vehicles is scheduled to commence in China around the end of 2025.
The Unique Design of the SYTECH Engine includes:
Opposed 4-cylinder crankshaft, conrod, piston arrangement and firing order.
SYTECH Engine Assembly Overview
The SYTECH Engine employs many common parts to lower cost. The SYTECH Engine has a flat efficiency curve over the operating speed range, has low noise and vibration and is adaptable to run on Gasoline, Hydrogen, LPG and CNG fuels.

The current 4-cylinder 1.5L TC engine

Over 500 hours of combustion and durability testing have been completed, results show:

  • The thermal efficiency is over 35.3% between 2000 rpm – 4200 rpm
  • At a Minimum BSFC of 229 g/kWh, a thermal efficiency of 37% is achieved at 13 bar BMEP
  • Rated power 110 kW at 4500 rpm
  • Peak torque 234 Nm at 2500 – 4500 rpm
  • Low vibration and noise when compared to production vehicles in the market
  • SYTECH engines have low fuel consumption and low to zero emissions (from gasoline to hydrogen-fuelled engines) and easily achieve Euro 6d and China 6b regulations
  • Range Extended Vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) with SYTECH engine gasoline range extender generator) meet the current Euro 6d/China 6b emissions and are expected to meet the proposed future strict Euro 7 emissions legislation
  • SYTECH engines are designed to co-exist with BEVs in the future by either running on gasoline, CNG, LPG or hydrogen fuel

Potential applications for the SYTECH family of engines

The SYTECH engine has been designed and optimised to be used at its highest efficiency in many applications, such as in:

  • Range Extended Electric Vehicles
    • High-performance generators
    • Home Generators
    • Hybrid and direct propulsion
    • PTO

The innovative design leads to a family of SYTECH engines based on the commonality of modules from:

  • 2-cylinder, 0.8L, 30/55kW
  • 4-cylinder, 1.5L, 65/110kW
  • 8-cylinder, 3.0L, 130/250kW